Journey to the heart of the training profession internationally

Journey to the heart of the training profession internationallyArticle publié le : 10/09/2015
Par Patricia Delplanque

HiRes(1) (copie)Distance learning platforms, MOOC, SPOC new information and communication technologies (NICT) have significantly enriched the different modes of teaching and training in recent years. Some certifications combine these technologies to the classroom training. They are trainers abroad, travel trips, they always travel with the same pleasure six continents to train their clients on advanced technologies such as management of terrestrial telecom networks or submarines. Meeting with Eric Maréchal trainer since 2003 at Alcatel-Lucent University Lannion who shows us his job.

What are the different teaching methods used in certification?

We work in successive stages with different certifications including several training levels so that our customers can derive maximum expertise and benefits from our training curriculum.
For one of our network management certifications Telecom for example, participants must pass three successive trainings of different sessions. The first level includes a virtual classroom and e-learning adapted to the level of the group of participants and will allow them to have as prerequisites a sufficient level of knowledge to move to the next training.

The second level includes a classroom training conducted in one of our training centers and allows our group of participants to test and expand their knowledge on networking equipment on our platforms.

Departure of some customers and last explanations
Photo credit Eric Marechal

The third level is face-to-face in the premises of our international customers with the network configuration we have installed including their equipment. Upstream of this training tests on their equipment is carried out by one of our engineers who remains support during the training time to readjust if necessary some parameters because the training is done in real conditions.

What is the contribution of the training conducted in the premises of your international customers?

This rather unique and customized training enables our customers to gain a higher level of expertise because it is completely tailored to their needs with representative practical exercises what they have to manage every day. It allows them to compare their knowledge to reality from their own Telecom network, their infrastructure and equipment.

You are a trainer since December 2003, what skills do you need ?

It’s a job that requires technical expertise on a wide range of equipment with an upgrade of our knowledge through regular training. For example, in the field of optics we can do training on land equipment like submarines. The rapid technological developments updates equipment, IP access at an exponential rates. When I started this business in 2003, the minimum rate was 2 Mbs with related equipment, now we go to the 400 Gbs.

What other skills do you consider essential?

You must love traveling around the world which means to be autonomous once you arrive in the country – sometimes it’s a little adventure – you need to have a good understanding of the culture and love human contact. You also need to adapt quickly to different environments; social climates and climate in the country, jet lag as well as the various local infrastructure, facilities and constraints of our customers.

pendules maquieta

Photo credit Eric Marechal

For example,  it may happen that the training done in the premises of our customers, is done in a makeshift classroom according to their imperatives of the moment. Even in this case, everything is always done with great professionalism on both sides of the trainer or clients both are working to ensure that the training is a success.

Throughout the training, links are being forged between the trainer and his clients, trust is established, it is not uncommon for one of our customers to visit with us outside of training hours a part of his city he wants us to discover, or shows us a local network, gives us the address of a monument which should absolutely not be missed or the address of a restaurant where we can taste the best local dish . This relational contact created with our customers continues many years later through social networks.

The enrichment and friendliness with our international customers whether in technology or in terms of cultures and traditions is a very interesting part of this job that makes you forget some personal constraints such as regular temporary absence from the family.

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